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Creating positive change in medical and healthcare cultures






PosMed exists to create positive change in healthcare. We have a unique origin, and technique. Rather than a defined product to apply in all circumstances, we provide a service within a partnership. PosMed designs bespoke, evidence-based pathways for each leadership team and organisation. Our experience within the system informs our advice. Science backs our solutions. The results are measurable. PosMed focuses on culture optimisation and leadership.


Whether for individual needs, such as coaching or leadership guidance, or for organisational issues, the first step is to contact PosMed. Leave a message with some detail outlining the problems and issues. We will be in touch.


An initial telephone conversation will be carried out. If the PosMed process is appropriate and both parties agree that a fruitful partnership can evolve, we will outline our vision of the relationship and propose a schedule of coaching meetings, or other individual interventions.


The first conversation between PosMed and the team leader will be followed by an in-person assessment….This initial assessment of the organisation will generate a report with observations and suggestions for ways forward. At this time, if the organisational goals align with PosMed values, we will commence a culture optimisation program based on mutual respect and shared aims.


All conversations and information shared with Posmed will remain confidential. This is our assurance whether the contact is only an initial discussion of needs or develops into an ongoing relationship.

Let’s begin the journey together

To begin making a POSITIVE change, contact one of our team for a CONFIDENTIAL discussion.

Let’s make CHANGE together.